Buying and Selling Cars is About to Change Forever

The advent of technology gave birth to the concept of online shopping and made it extremely simple, with many companies promising same-day delivery.

COVID-19, one of the most challenging times, has also disrupted many industries and forced companies to adopt new business models. One such industry is the automotive sector.

So far, buying and selling cars followed the traditional pattern i.e., customers visiting car showrooms, test driving the car, and then finalizing their decision.

This is about to change forever. Slowly and gradually the mainstream public is adopting digital means to find out where to sell second hand cars. Seeing this trend, automotive companies have also jumped on the bandwagon and have given people the option to buy and sell cars from the comfort of their homes.

As surprising as it may seem, this is true. The trend is picking up pace in different countries around the world and companies are adopting the omnichannel approach to serve their customers. We will see how that is happening. Furthermore, we will also shed light on whether customers in the UAE prefer using online mediums to buy and to find where to sell second hand cars or are still hooked to traditional means.


United States of America (USA)

In the USA, the online car buying trend is fuelled by digital finance companies like Digital Motors and Roadster, which are providing the necessary hardware and software. Let’s have a look at how the online car purchase system works. 

Once the customer has done his research online and made up his mind to purchase a particular model, he/she can visit a dealer website which offers a buy-from-home option. The entire inventory of cars will be present on the website from which he/she can select the desired vehicle.  

The next step is to work out payment related options e.g., down payment, whether to pay for extended warranty and other ad-on options or not, credit approval, etc. Remember, all this is done online.

Once payment related stuff is completed, the car is booked for the customer, which is then delivered at their doorstep. All the necessary documentation also occurs at home.



China is the world’s biggest automotive producer (source: Statista) and is not behind the USA in offering buy from home options to its customers. Online car sales are slowly and gradually rising in China. Experts are of the opinion that the trend is not going to slow down anytime soon. 

Companies like BMW, Tesla, and Geely are at the forefront of this trend. For example, Geely offers an at-home test drive. The car is disinfected before being delivered to your driveway. If the customer agrees to purchase it, the keys are separately delivered via drone. Tesla has already been offering online purchase options since February 2019.



What are the trends in UAE?

Online buying has been prevalent in the UAE for a while. This is evident from a study conducted by YouGov in 2019, which showed that 1 in 5 residents are likely to purchase a car online. This year, we can expect this number to be even higher.  

All this is due to the efforts of the UAE government, which has been spearheading the digital transformation of the economy. One such initiative was the launch of the DubaiNow app, which, among other services, is a one-stop platform for all automobile and car ownership related things.


How wecashanycar is playing its role in the current scenario?

At wecashanycar, we have always been at the forefront of providing the highest level of convenience to our valuable customers. Therefore, we are offering car valuation services from the comfort of home, and that too at your preferred time. 

Yes, you read that, right!

Our services are available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, Saturday to Thursday. Visit our website or give us a call at 800 WECASH (932274)  to sell a used car. Not to forget that you are welcome to visit any of our five branches to sell your car. Look around and you will find some branch near you.

So the next time you want to get a good price for your second hand car in the UAE, you know where to look for. 

So this was all about why buying and selling cars is about to change FOREVER. Online grocery shopping has been there for a while. However, people have now realized that buying and selling cars online isn’t as difficult as it seemed earlier. Consequently, there is no doubt that this concept is going to have legs.

If you are still of the opinion that the trend of buying cars online is a fad, let us share an interesting statistic with you.

Frost & Sullivan estimates that 6 million vehicles will be sold via online means by 2025. Compare that to 825,000 vehicles sold online in 2019, and you can figure out the trend yourself.   

Reach out to wecashanycar for expert advice at 800 WECASH (932274) or visit our website at for further information.


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