Tips for getting the best holiday car rentals


Having your own car during your vacation is the easiest way to get around without spending so much money. While not everyone can afford to export their car from UAE to their holiday destination, it is easy to rent a car during your vacation. Wecashanycar gives you tips on how to get the best holiday car rentals. 

Hire your car in advance

Just as you would not wait until you get to your holiday destination to book your hotel, you should book your car rental in advance. This will help you conduct research and compare different car rental options hence get the best deal.  Do not wait until the last minute to compare different quotes and options. The earlier you start, the easier it will be for you to choose a good rental package.

Avoid airport car rentals

Many people rent their holiday cars at the airports because of the convenience of getting and returning the vehicle. Despite this convenience, airport services charge way higher than standard rental car services. You can take a cab or bus to your hotel and look for cheaper car rentals near you. Again, if you search for the rentals earlier, you can arrange for pickup and drop off at the airport hence enjoy the same convenience without paying so much. 

Fill your tank yourself

Some holiday car rentals come with gasoline packages. This might sound like the real deal until you realize filling your own gas would have cost you way less. Unless your vacation destination is a remote island or is facing fuel scarcity issues, fill your tank on the go. You should use our driving tips to ensure you conserve your fuel. 

Follow the proper return procedures

When your vacation is over, you will have to return the car back to your rental company and you must follow the laid out procedures and rules to avoid unnecessary penalties. Ensure that you return your rental car on time to avoid fines for overstaying with the car. Instead of waiting until the last minute to return the vehicle, schedule at least two hours on your return date to hand over the vehicle to your rental agency and ensure that everything is in proper condition. 

All car rental companies require that you return the vehicle clean and with a full tank. You can gas up on the eve of your departure to avoid any hassles and hefty charges. Make sure that the car is in the same condition you got it before handing it over as any damages can attract excessive charges. 

Read the car rental fine print before signing

Car rental companies tend to give you a variety of expensive options which you might not be aware of unless you read your rental contract thoroughly before signing. For instance, some car rental companies have high cancellation fees, while others do not permit more than one driver at a time. 

Even though your car rental company must provide insurance for your rental car, do not be lured into accepting extra charges. Read the fine print of your cover before signing it. You must ensure that details such as roadside assistance are not covered twice. If you are uncomfortable with the insurance terms you should look for your own insurer. 

Avoid any vehicle upgrades unless you really need them

Upgrades such as a satnav and GPS can end up racking your holiday car rental fees. Assess every upgrade offer and agree with your agent in writing before accepting any upgrades. If possible bring your own child car seat and avoid any upgrades to bigger cars unless they are absolutely free.

Ultimately, your holiday car rental can help you tour comfortably during your vacation. However, it should not come with exorbitant charges and these savvy tips can help you avoid being overcharged. Conduct research on the best rental company and clarify everything with your agent to avoid being overcharged for things you do not need. If you are still searching for the best vacation destinations, you should try one of these top road trips. Read wecashanycar blog to get the latest driving tips and UAE traffic regulations.


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