Avoid these mistakes when selling your car in the UAE

young couple selling their car at a dealership

Selling your car with Wecashanycar is quite easy. We simply inspect the vehicle, give you a cash offer and handle the entire documentation and vehicle transfer process on your behalf. Even though wecashanycar has simplified the process of selling your car in the UAE, some people still choose to sell cars privately. This comes with various risks as  so many things can go wrong during a private car transaction. Wecashanycar highlights the mistakes to  avoid when selling your car privately in the UAE. 

  1. Failing to conduct research on the used car prices 

Every car owner wants to sell their car at the best price. Fortunately, a little research can go a long way in helping you to price your car. Failing to conduct research on the used car prices can either cause you to undersell your car or overprice it and repel buyers. Wecashanycar recommends using our parent company website www.dubizzle.com to find out what other car owners with vehicles similar to yours are offering. This will help you set the best and most reasonable price for your vehicle.

  1. Using the wrong mode of payment 

Like any used car market, there are high risks in payment modes in the UAE. Many car sellers have fallen victims of bounced cheques and bogus escrows. You can avoid this by ensuring that you only receive cash payments for your car or taking cheques early during the day so that you can cash them on the same day. This will give you sufficient time to report any cases of fraud and bounced cheques early enough and avoid transferring your car to the fraudster’s name. In addition, you also have to ensure that you take copies of all the legal documents of the person you are dealing with before closing the transaction. This will make it easier to track them down in case of any sour deals.

  1. Unscrupulous dealers

One pitfall that many car buyers and sellers fall for is using unauthorised dealers because of their attractive prices. Unauthorised dealers are the biggest perpetrators of bounced cheques and bad car transactions. You should avoid such dealers and do a background check on any car buying company before transferring your vehicle to the wrong buyer. 

  1. Outstanding Loans 

You cannot sell your car in the UAE without clearing all the loans attached to it. Many UAE car owners are not fully aware of the process of clearing off their car loan payments. This wecashanycar article explains how to sell a car under finance and avoid financial problems. 

  1. Viewing timings and locations 

One of the cons of selling your car privately is the incessant calls and viewing requests from potential car buyers. Even though you cannot prevent customers from viewing your car, you must be cautious. You should schedule the viewing timings during the day and in public settings. Further to this, ensure that you are present during every test drive to avoid any damage or theft to your car. Do not leave your car keys with a stranger even for a few minutes.  

Ultimately selling a used car privately might have its own advantages but must be approached with caution. You should make sure to carry out this transaction through the proper channels and do your due diligence to avoid all these and any other pitfalls. Wecashanycar is the best way to sell your car in the UAE. We guarantee you cash and a hassle free transaction. 


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