All you need to know about UAE car export rules

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Whether you are relocating back home or want to use your vehicle during your summer road trip abroad, you must follow the UAE car export rules. Wecashanycar highlights the requirements and process of exporting your car outside UAE. If you are using a shipping company, they can handle the entire process on your behalf. However, you can still export privately.

Requirements for exporting your car out of UAE

Prior to exporting your vehicle you must first have it tested by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) to ensure that it is roadworthy and eligible for export. You will receive a vehicle export certificate and export number plates.

You can obtain the export certificate online through the RTA website. The export number plates are only valid for two weeks. In addition to this, you will require the following documents and equipment:-

        • The police clearance from the vehicle
        • Vehicle condition certificate from the RTA or an authorising body
        • Insurance documents
        • Original passport and copies
        • UAE visa
        • Visa in the country of export or proof of citizenship
        • The address of where you are shipping the vehicle
        • Shipping and landing bills if you intend to export via air or sea

However, if it is under a company name you have to present a trade license of the company as well as the letter of authorisation from the company that owns the car before it is deregistered. You must also ensure that all the fines and any car loans attached to the car are paid off before you can get it deregistered.

If your vehicle has not been registered in the UAE, it must undergo an export test to verify its vehicle identification details as well as chassis number and engine information. It must also pass the RTA vehicle  inspection test.

Documents required to obtain the Vehicle Export Certificate

To obtain the Vehicle Export Certificate, you will need the following:-

  • The documents of the vehicle including the clearance certificate, transfer certificate and possession certificate
  • Original Emirates ID
  • Vehicle technical inspection for any expired license or if you have no license
3 Step  process of exporting cars out of the UAE

Once you obtain the vehicle export certificate and export license your can proceed to ship your car. You will need to choose the most suitable method of transporting your vehicle. You can use the following shipping options to export your vehicle:-

  1. Sea. This is the cheapest method of transporting your vehicle. Most people prefer it because it is convenient and your car can be delivered to a port near you. It is also relatively safe to use because the cars are transported in a roll-on/ roll-off container. However, depending on where you are exporting the vehicle to, this method can also take the longest time to deliver.
  2. Air. This is the safest and fastest means of transportation. In this case, the cars are strapped down so as to avoid shuffling around during transportation. The only caveat of this means is that air transport is quite expensive.
  3. Land. You can use recovery trucks, if the export destination is a neighbouring country. You will need to have  a representative from the recovery truck company at the border if you choose this option. Alternatively, if you are heading to a nearby GCC country like Oman or Saudi Arabia, you can drive the vehicle across the border to the destination.  

You must also be aware of the different rules and requirements of the country where you are exporting your car to. Some of the key criteria to consider include:-

  1. The year of the vehicle (Countries have different year limitations and engine requirements)
  2. Insurance documentation
  3. Proof of ownership
  4. Duty/ tax where applicable
  5. Vehicle specifications and features

It is important to calculate the cost of exporting your car and weigh whether it will be cheaper to sell the car locally. Wecashanycar can help you sell your car for cash and you can read our blog to get the latest UAE traffic laws and driving tips.


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