Don’t send your car to the world’s largest luxury car graveyard

What happens to abandoned cars in the UAE?


Have you ever wondered about the fate of the abandoned cars in the UAE? 

The abandonment area (scrapyard) in Dubai is certainly one of the richest graveyards of the world! It is not just another junkyard crowded with discarded car parts and e-waste but also with several normal to high end cars.

How many cars are abandoned each year at the Dubai car graveyard?

Thousands of cars are abandoned each year and many of the abandoned cars are high-end luxury cars that are not popular for their mileage. The sudden plunge of the economy and the inability of hundreds of car owners to pay big debts has resulted in the abandonment of these million-dollar vehicles in the scorching sun.

What type of cars are people abandoning?

You can see all kinds of cars at the graveyard. You will probably find more variety than you can see at your typical car dealership. 

The cemetery is home to the likes of Ferraris, Rolls Royces, Porsches, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, and Nissan Skylines! However, dream cars are not the only ones that we find in the abandoned cars lots in the UAE:

  • Several sedans and SUVs with low mileage are meeting their end here since the economy plunged
  • All types of petrol and diesel cars previously owned by people who have contracted large debts

Why are people abandoning their cars at the Dubai car graveyard?

For many, dumping their cars is an easier-way-out than paying loans, filing for bankruptcy or paying for the transport of the car overseas when they move. Hence the number of cars in Dubai’s billion-dollar graveyard keep growing each year.

One of the reasons people abandon their car is because they are not able to find a buyer to sell their old car for cash in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The current downfall of the economy, sudden surge of unemployment and housing issues for expats have led to an increasing count of luxury cars ending up in the desert graveyard permanently.

Speeding tickets and parking fines in Dubai can be exuberant. Non-payment often leads to accruing penalties that are much more than the actual value of the cars.

Bankruptcy laws in the UAE do not apply to individual creditors and abandonment of high-worth assets is much easier than the perilous journey of debt forgiveness in the country.

Unpaid debts are a criminal matter in the UAE. A large number of expats dump their precious cars when unable to pay their automobile loans either due to pay cuts or loss of jobs in Dubai.


Who is abandoning their cars?

Dubai car owners are notorious for staying up-to-trend when it comes to their four-wheelers. Several owners with a “richer-than-rich” attitude feel the need to sell used car dubai as fast as the new models hit the road, but then end up accruing unpayable debts.

Even expats trying to escape the tough sharia debt laws of the UAE often get rid of their cars at the graveyard before they leave the country.

Other foreign citizens who have had to leave the country without the time or knowledge of where to sell second-hand cars in Dubai. wecashanycar’s objective is to serve those looking to sell their car for cash instantly and hassle-free during harsh times.


What are the risks of abandoning cars in Dubai?

Abandoning a car in the UAE is not without its risks.

If caught, the owner of the car can face serious charges including the pending criminal lawsuits for the non-payment of debt.

 It is an offence to dump cars as per the UAE law, but many locals, and not just the expats, take the risk instead of facing the criminal lawsuits.

If the abandoned vehicle is traced back to its owner, he or she can face exuberant fines.

The pictures of the £1 million Ferrari Enzo sparked an outrage on social media. Luckily, many automobile lovers and restoration experts find the right model they have been looking for and their engines roar with power once more! But that’s the story of the lucky few.

Don’t send your car to the world’s largest luxury car graveyard

What should you do with your old car?

Unless you want your old car to end up in a graveyard exposed to the harsh sun and all the dust, you should get in touch with a reliable second-hand car buyer like wecashanycar for the trade price. Wecashanycar buys any car Dubai has to offer after proper inspection and transparent car valuation.

If you have the ownership documents, Emirates ID, vehicle registration documents, original key (and the spares), service/accident history and the paperwork for your automobile loan, wecashanycar is the best place to sell your car for cash. The company will provide the best available trade price for your pre-loved car.

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Don’t be the one that sends their car to an untimely retirement


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