7 Driving Habits that Ruin your Car

Broken down car on the highway

We all want our cars to serve us for a long time without breaking down or consuming gallons of fuel. A well maintained used car can have a great resale value should you decide to sell car Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. The following 7 habits will ruin your car, making it difficult for you to sell a car in Abu Dhabi or anywhere else.

Resting your hand on the gear stick

You need both hands to drive and constantly placing your hand on the gear stick puts a lot of pressure on it, causing it to shake and displace the synchronizers and gears. In the long run, this causes problems with the shifting gears. In addition, this habit can cause transmission problems and cost you an arm and a leg in repairs.

Refueling your car only when it’s almost empty

Are you the kind of person who waits until you see the E sign on your fuel meter gauge before you start the search for a gas station? Mechanical impurities accumulate in your fuel tank when the car is not in use, forming sediments at the bottom of the tank. The dirt gets into the filter and the pump, and this drains into the engine the moment you fuel your cars. This is why you should fuel your car when it is still half full.

Revving up your engine when it is still cold

Many people assume that driving their cars for a short journey can ruin their car and therefore rev up the engine for a couple of minutes whenever they don’t have any upcoming trips. When this is done regularly, it tends to increase the wear and tear of the engine as the oil is not given sufficient time to warm up and circulate around the engine. This practice can inevitably damage your car.

Stepping on your brakes a little too late

Sometimes when you are driving you might need to brake suddenly. However, emergency stops are performed frequently, they strain the braking system and wear out the brake pads and discs faster. This also consumes more of your fuel and can endanger you and other motorists.

Overloading your car

While cars have the capacity to carry pretty heavy loads, they should not be overloaded. By carrying more than the recommended weight, you place an unnecessary strain on the brakes, drivetrain, and suspension of your car. This will also increase the fuel consumption of your vehicle, adding extra expenses.

Strong braking while driving downhill

One of the worst things you can do is to drag your brakes while driving downhill. This causes your brake pads and discs to wear out quickly, inevitably forcing you to replace them more frequently. You should simply apply the brakes softly at the top of the hill and release the pedal as you go downhill and repeat this process whenever necessary until you get to the foot of the hill. This protects your brakes from heating up.

Ignoring your warning lights

Most modern cars have many lights and each has its own function. While some of these lights are not as important, there are those which have to be attended to immediately. For instance, in case, the washer fluid light flashes, you can easily ignore it. However, if the engine light or the power steering failure light flashes, you have to seek help immediately. Other vital lights include the braking system, cooling system, oil bag, and the air pressure system.

Besides these, how you reverse,  accelerate and drive can affect your car. It is important to drive carefully. Hitting poles and speed bumps can also ruin your underside and exhaust of the car.




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