6 reasons why you should wear your safety belt when driving

young woman fastening her seat belt during a driving test

The UAE has had several campaigns warning its motorists about the dangers of not fastening their seat belts while driving. In fact, a recent study shows that only one in eight back seat passengers wear seat belts. This is despite hundreds of thousands of motorists having been fined for seat belt violations. . Nonetheless, we cannot underestimate the importance of safety belts and wecashanycar highlights six reasons why you should belt up while driving.

Buckle up for your safety

  1. Seat belts save lives. Millions of lives have been saved by seat belts. When you wear a seat belt, you reduce the chances of being  projected out your windshield during an emergency brake or an accident. This can save your life.
  2. It is illegal not to belt up. The UAE prohibits driving without a seat belt and carrying passengers who are not belted up. The fine for seat belt violation in the UAE is AED 400 and four black points. To avoid this you must wear your safety belt every time you are driving regardless of how short the trip is.  Additionally you must ensure that all your passengers(including children) have their seat belts on.
  3. Seat belts reduce child fatality. Children who are belted up have higher survival rates during accidents. This is because the seat belt will secure the child in his seat and in case of an accident they will not be thrown out of  the vehicle. If you love your child, you will fasten their seat belts and teach them the importance of following traffic rules.
  4. Seat belts enhance safety. Even though many UAE residents believe that airbags are more protective during accidents, seat belts actually enhance more safety. If you are ejected out of your seat during an accident, your airbag might not protect you from flying through your windshield. In addition, you might easily hit the dashboard before your airbag is launched hence sustaining bad injuries. Vehicle safety features do not work in isolation because every part is important in enhancing your safety.
  5. To avoid insurance issues in case of accidents. Some insurance companies will not pay claims where the motorist failed to wear a seat belt. You should therefore belt up and counter check with your insurance that you are covered just to be on the safe side.
  6. To shut up the auto alarm. Due to their high importance, many vehicles come with an annoying alarm to remind us to belt up. Unless you want to drive around listening to this reminder, it’s best to belt up.


From tyre bursts during summer to cruise control failure, car accidents can happen at any time. Nobody is too safe to fasten their safety belts. You can check out more driving tips and car maintenance tidbits on wecashanycar blog.


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