Driving with children: 5 tips to keep them safe & organised

Mother making sure child is ok in the backseat of minivan

The daily school run shouldn’t have to be a nightmare! Driving with kids can be a smooth and organised affair with just a few smart tactics that you can get into the habit of observing. Try these five tips from wecashanycar that teaches you the best way to keep safe (and sane) when driving with children.

Establish a routine

To reduce confusion, morning browls and lateness, you must establish a proper routine for your school term. This is not just limited to the morning but extends to organizing your school nights as well. Having a routine will ensure that your kids have dinner, do their homework and sleep on time, hence wake up early enough. A good routine covers all the details including packed lunches and laid out uniforms. By having an organized routine, you can breeze through the mornings and have peace of mind as you drive your kids to school.

Use driver assist features

Studies reveal that having children in the car is the top most distraction for drivers. Thanks to technology, you can drive more safely and protect yourself and your children. Vehicle features such as cameras, sonar sensors, radar and microchips work together to show you blind spots and ensure that you stick to the right lane. Vehicles with adaptive cruise control will help you drive fast and safely in traffic snarlups regardless of the distractions.

Seatbelts and child seats

Safety seatbelts and child seats help to keep children safe and secure during the morning drive. Before starting your commute you must ensure that the kids are safely belted and secured. For safety purpose, it is also necessary to purchase the correct child seat for your young ones so that you can be sure of their safety.


Ensuring that your kids are entertained during the morning commute will keep them preoccupied, giving you room to drive in peace. A tablet full of games and interesting apps is one of the most engaging forms of entertainment that you can gift your children.

Sufficient Storage

Having school going children will require you to come up with innovative storage ideas for your daily commute. This will help you organize different stuff such as lunches, stationery and stuff for school projects. You can learn how to organize your car better here.


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