Helpful guide to keeping your vehicle organised

Car cupholder

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of letting our cars become messy and cluttered. It’s happened to all of us: we have the car washed or valeted and promise that we will maintain the fresh look, but a few days later it’s back to being a dumpster. So, if one of your goals is to keep your car clean and organised, take a look at our top tips for getting this done.

1. Wipes

It is amazing what wet wipes can do in a matter of seconds. Whether you are stuck in the traffic jam or waiting to pick up your kids up from school, you can use wet wipes to clean off that layer of dust from your dash and console.

2. Organizers

Just like in your home, an organizer will keep your stuff looking neat and in places where you can actually find them whenever you need to. This can be a tote bag or small wardrobe organizers where you can place a document folders, pair of shoes, umbrella, kids’ toys and blankets amongst other things. In addition, you can add small plastic cups into your central console to place coins and pins.

3. Air Fresheners

A stinking car can be a little hellhole especially if you are stuck in traffic on a hot day and your AC decides to act up. Having an air freshener will help to keep your interiors fresh and motivate you to clean up your car frequently to maintain its freshness. You can place your favorite scent in the glove compartment so that every time you get in your car you are hit with fresh air.

4. Small trash bags

Very few of us are disciplined enough to avoid eating in the car and food is the number one source of trash in the car. This is why you need a few plastic bags from your last grocery in your car to put every wrapper and soda can after your meal and avoid trashing your car. Whenever you leave your car you should take this plastic bag and trash it.

5. Plastic floor mats

Having plastic mats in your car will not only keep your carpet from staining, but ensure that you
can clean your floors more easily because all you need to do is to shake off or wipe off the
water, crumbs, dust and dirt that fall on the plastic mats.

Apart from having the above things, you ought to vacuum and wash your car every week. This will ensure that it remains clean and fresh throughout.

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