5 car noises you should never ignore

Friends worriedly checking a broken down car

Most drivers who are familiar with their cars, can easily notice when anything sounds or feels off. Odd car noises during a drive are usually a sign of underlying mechanical issues, some of which could place you in imminent danger. Wecashanycar highlights 5 car noises that you should never ignore:-

1. Clunking or whining noises when you turn

Whether you are driving a new or used car, turning your wheel should not emit any noises. You should therefore be concerned if you hear sounds from your car as you turn around a corner. While clunking sounds can be an indicator of worn out or broken suspension joints, squealing and whining noises during turning can point to a power steering system issue. These issues not only put you at risk as a driver but are also quite expensive to repair and should thus be addressed promptly.

2. Grinding or scraping noise from your brakes

Sometimes brakes produce creaking, squealing or squeaky noises especially if they are cold. However, as a rule of thumb, stepping on your brakes should be a relatively quiet movement. You should be concerned about brake problems if you hear grinding or scraping noises when you apply your brakes. This is a sign of worn out brake pads and means that you are at risk of an accident because you might not be able to stop your car when you need to.  Further to this, worn brakes put a lot of pressure on your rotors and, if left unchanged, can become an expensive repair. It is therefore imperative that you get your brake job as soon as you hear any unusual brake noises.

3. Rattling car noises

Rattling car noises are often easier to identify because they are somewhat similar to the sound of a coin stuck in spinning washer. These often indicate loose suspensions or failing engine components. Even though your car can endure a couple of trips, these issues can be quite expensive to repair and you should therefore consult  your mechanic when you hear constant rattling from under your hood or engine.

4. Hissing Engine Sound

A hissing sound produced by your engine as you drive or after you turn off your car can either be a sign of an overheated engine or a leaking coolant. Your temperature warning light will turn on in case your engine is overheating and in some instances, you might notice steam coming from your hood. If this is the case, you must stop driving immediately as this is a sure sign of a damaged engine. This can result in a fire and will definitely cost you an arm and a leg in repairs. On the other hand, if your temperature gauge is normal and you notice steam coming from your hood, you should stop the car and check for signs of leakage in your cooling system. This is often accompanied by the sweet scent of the antifreeze. Avoid opening the radiator or the coolant cap while the engine is still hot. You must repair the cooling system before adding the coolant or else face the leaking problem regularly.

5. Loud roar from your exhaust

Even though you hear loud exhaust noises all the time in UAE, this can be a serious problem in certain cars. If you have not modified your exhaust system in any way and  it emits a loud roar from as you accelerate, you should consult a mechanic immediately. This is often caused by a broken muffler and while this will not stop your car from running, it can let in exhaust emissions into your car as you drive. Carbon monoxide can slowly seep into your cabin through a broken exhaust system and make you dizzy or unable to function properly. You must therefore have this issue fixed immediately.   

Car maintenance is important for your safety and helps prevent costly repairs. There are many other  car problems s that you may experience from your used car. Ultimately, it is necessary to stay alert and have your car regularly checked and serviced to avoid any serious mechanical issues and costly repairs. Should you decide to sell your used car in the UAE, wecashanycar will offer you instant cash and handle all the vehicle transfer processes and documentation for you.


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