How to get more cash for your used car in the UAE

Salesman working out customers car evaluation

If you’re trying to get the best possible price for your used car, rest assured that wecashanycar knows how to make this happen. Thanks to our extensive dealer network, we can reveal the top four determinants that will get you more cash for your car. Take a look at these crucial considerations.

Accident History

The accident history of the vehicle is a major criterion for pricing a car. The first thing a dealer will check is whether your car has been involved in an accident. An accident-free car will fetch much more than a vehicle that has been involved in accidents. While minor accidents such as scratches and dents might lower the vehicle value by up to 10%, major accidents can substantially affect the value of your car. For instance, a damaged chassis will decrease the value of your vehicle by up to 50%.


Body Paint

The body paint test is closely related to accident history because a repainted vehicle usually signifies that a vehicle was involved in an accident and repaired. Dealers will always test the vehicle for paint and use this in pricing the car. Depending on the value of your car and the extent of body paint can reduce its value by up to 10%. On the other hand, a vehicle that has its original paint will be priced higher.


Service History

Every car dealer in the UAE looks out for the service history of a car because it shows how well the vehicle was maintained. If you have the complete service history you will most likely get a higher price for it as opposed to another car owner who claims to have serviced his car regularly but has no proof of this.   


Car Options

Just like car options or add-ons raise the cost of buying a car, they also tend to increase its value when you want to dispose of it. However, not all options will fetch a tidy sum of money when you sell your car in Dubai and you have to choose each add-on carefully. Leather seats, sunroofs, upgraded trim level, and bigger engines tend to be the most attractive options and can, therefore, increase the price of your car at any dealership in the UAE.


Regardless of whether you sell your car to We Cash Any Car or any other car dealership in UAE, these four factors will always influence how much you get for your car.


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