3 Traffic violations that can lead to license suspension in Dubai

Dubai road sign with detailed information on traffic violations that can lead to Dh. 30,000 fine and driving license suspension

In 2017, the UAE revised its traffic laws to increase road safety and eliminate fatal accidents altogether. While fines are very commonplace for the average driver, these three traffic violations are punishable by suspension of the motorist’s license.


Driving under the influence

It is absolutely illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs and any other similar substances. This violation is considered a criminal offence and therefore attracts a jail term that is determined by the courts of law. Once the driver completes the punishment determined by the court they have to face a license suspension for one year. In addition, the driver’s insurance policy is also cancelled with immediate effect.


Heavy vehicles traffic offences

Driving a heavy vehicle in Dubai comes with heavy responsibility. The following are some violations that can result in the one year suspension of the license of a heavy vehicle driver:-

  1. Driving a heavy vehicle dangerously and in a manner that endangers the driver’s life and that of other people
  2. Jumping the red light while driving a heavy vehicle
  3. Overtaking in prohibited areas when driving a heavy vehicle
  4. Driving a heavy vehicle in a manner that harms public and private properties
  5. When a driver of a heavy vehicle causes it or another vehicle to overturn


Dubai Tram and pedestrian traffic offences

Dubai drivers are always cautioned about exercising care when driving near Dubai Tram routes. The following are some offences involving the Dubai Tram and pedestrians that can cause your license to be revoked.

  1. Injuring a pedestrian or person can result in up to Dh.15,000 fine as well as a 6-month suspension of the driver’s license.
  2. Driving through the red light without stopping will lead to Dh.5000 fine and up to 3 months suspension of the driving license.
  3. Causing an accident that leads to loss of life can result in up to Dh.30,000 fine and 1 year suspension of the license.

Ultimately, drivers must avoid traffic offences that attract black points because once you receive 24 black points, your license is automatically revoked for a period of one year. This can result in other issues like cumulative fines for non-renewal of the license. You can take refresher classes to reduce the number of black points and avoid having your license suspended.


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