3 Top Crossover SUV’s For Moms In The UAE

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Unlike their male counterparts who are big on performance and complex drives, most women prioritize practicality when buying cars. Women tend to change cars less often and therefore strive to find a car that meets all their needs. Besides simplicity, moms will often go for things like space, maintenance, comfort and efficiency while car shopping. If you are a mom driver wondering which stylish car to buy in the UAE, here are our top 3 suggestions.

Mazda CX 9

This crossover SUV is spacious, stylish and smooth. The sophisticated looking seven seater is suitable for classy working moms who want a comfortable and functional car that packs a punch in terms of drivability. Powered by a Turbocharged V4 2.5L engine with the advanced 6-speed activematic transmission, the Mazda CX9 promises you a fast and stable cruise as you run your errands. It also comes with a host of safety and convenience features as well as a top-notch entertainment system.

Honda CR-V

If you are looking for something affordable, roomy and comfortable, with excellent safety features, then the Honda CR-V is your dream crossover SUV. With this car, you will neither have to worry about running out of gas nor storage space. The fact that it has one of the best resale values in the UAE makes it an excellent purchase.

The Ford Edge

The Ford Edge makes this list for moms who want a bit of a luxurious feel. This five-seater spots a comfortable interior with soft materials as well as a great suspension system that can handle off-roads decently. Whether you are heading off to work or taking the kids on camping trip, this car will give you sedan-like composure without compromising on your space, safety and entertainment.

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