2020 Resolutions You Should Make for your used car

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Even though people make New Year resolutions about finances, personal and professional development, it is very rare to include vehicles in our quest for positive change. Whether your goal is to sell your car in Dubai and buy a new one, or improve your driving skills, there are many options for car resolutions in 2020 Here are some of the best ideas that you can include in your resolutions list this year to increase your car valuation when you sell used car.

Declutter your car

Besides decluttering your house and wardrobe, you should clean out your used car this new year. Be as strict with yourself in taking out anything you have been meaning to use in the past three months without any success. Make use of your vehicle storage to keep important documents as well as important stuff that you use everyday. In order to avoid falling off the wagon, it is also necessary to set some rules and boundaries for yourself, such as no littering as well as scheduling one day for cleaning your car exterior and interior.

Stick to a proper service and maintenance schedule

If servicing your vehicle has been an irregular activity, it is time to get organised and have a proper routine for your car maintenance and servicing. Your oil and filter changes should be done more regularly depending on the car you drive and how frequently you use it. On, the other hand, you should seek advice from your mechanic regarding other essential car parts such as the brake pads. This is also the best time to resolve to check your tyre pressure regularly and replace worn out tyres.

Learn at least one car DIY

Self-development is a popular New Year resolution and your car can be a big part of the learning process. This can be as simple as learning how to change your tyres or as cost-effective as changing your own oil and saving yourself the trip to the mechanic.

Drive more carefully

If your family and friends fear for their lives whenever you take the wheel, it is time to change your ways. Aggressive driving puts your life in danger and increases your fuel expenditure. You can avoid this by slowing down and driving gently and carefully.  Additionally, endeavor to be the best-behaved motorist on the road by obeying UAE traffic rules to the letter and treating fellow motorists with respect. Who knows, you might just win white points and awards for the best driver.

Take one road trip

The UAE is full of entertaining road trip destinations and you must plan at least one trip this year. The beginning of the year is the best time to start your search for ideal destinations and lobby your friends to join you on the road trip.

Replace your junk car with a new one

The era of you being the butt of every jalopy joke amongst your social circles must come to an end this year. It is time to get rid of that old junk car and buy a decent drive. A great plan would be to sell your old car to wecashanycar and use the money to top up your budget for a new car.

These are just a few goals that you can make this year to improve your life, car maintenance and driving habits. You should tailor your car New Year resolutions according to your interests and needs. If your question is best place to sell my car near me, look no further, get a free car valuation today and wecashanycar can be your partner and best place to sell your car for cash.


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