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Founded in 2003, Tesla is one of the few automakers that specializes in manufacturing electric vehicles and lithium-ion battery energy storage. The company was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in collaboration with Elon Musk, JB Straubel and Ian Wright. Its first car was the Roadster which is the first ever manufactured electric sports car. This car helped the company gain a lot of popularity. The release of their second car in 2012, the luxury sedan, Model S promoted the company even further because of the massive sales of this car. The Model S led Tesla to achieve the title of world’s bestselling plug-in electric car in 2015 and 2016 as the company sold 150,000 units within 4.5 years of release. In March 2016, Tesla launched the Model 3 which chiefly targets mass consumption. Production of this model commenced in July 2017 with the base price set for US$35,000. Today, Tesla has spread its wings beyond its headquarters in Palo Alto, California to establish manufacturing and assembly plants in US, Europe and Asia. The company considers its plant in Reno, Nevada as its biggest plant so far. The plant was established in collaboration with Panasonic to produce chargers for its vehicles. Despite problems that have led to recalls and delays in production releases, Tesla has sold more than 200,000 cars to date and is only second to Renault in the electric vehicles category. As of April 2017 the company outdid General Motors as the most valuable American automotive company. The company has further won several awards including the 2013 World Green Car, Car of the Year and Motor Trend Car of the Year for its Model S. Time Magazine also named Tesla as one of the Best 25 Inventions in 2012. In the UAE, one of the key targets of the country is to enhance environment conservation and reduce pollution and the government has taken several measures to increase the use of green cars. The Electric Vehicle Plan is aimed at ensuring that the country attains the sustainable and clean city status by 2050. The government has therefore issued a decree to all its institutions to ensure that at least 10% of their cars are electric. Institutions have already started complying with this decree and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has already purchased a fleet of hybrid vehicles in the recent past. In addition, more charging stations have also been built to help those with hybrid vehicles to charge their cars easily. Furthermore, the government has also collaborated with other important players in the automotive industry such as insurers and financial institutions. All these efforts are expected to encourage more residents in the UAE to adopt to green cars and purchase them affordably. Moreover, Tesla recently launched its first dealership and service centre in Dubai and is set to open another branch in Abu Dhabi soon in more residents of the UAE to afford the vehicle. All these developments are expected to boost the market share of the company in the UAE and enhance environmental friendliness. If you are trying to sell of your Tesla in the UAE, We Cash Any Car is the best auto trader that will help you sell your vehicle in an efficient and safe manner. We are known for offering clients across the Middle East the best auto trading services and prices closest to the market value. Call us today on 043382337 to get an instant cash offer for your Tesla.

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