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Taking into account Toyota is already one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world, it was bound to establish a new company to handle the large American market. In 2002, the company founded the Scion division. Scion means descendants of a French word that originated from German. By forming Scion, Toyota was trying to appeal to the young generation, and so Scion took up the challenge and started marketing its product to the younger customers. In 2002, the brand introduced the xB model and the ccX which was later named tC. In 2004, two more models were introduced to the market: that is the xA and Xb. In 2005, the tC was released on the market. Another great model from the car brand was xD. It was launched in 2007. This particular model is also being sold as Toyota ist in Japan. Toyota is one of the largest car company in the world, and the reason for this is because of it manufacturers high-quality automobiles. Scion focuses on building high- quality products. For some time, Scion sales reduced drastically from when they were debuted and car sales for xA and xB reduced significantly. It reached a time the company sold 60 percent fewer cars per year. The marque was the best-selling model from Scion. It sold 173,000 units in 2006. However, the sales declined to 57,962 cars in 2009. In 2010, the tC became the face of the brand, accounting for more than 40 percent of all the models the company sold since its inception. In the United States, xB sales dropped drastically after the release of the 2 nd generation, from 60,000 to 17,000 units in 2011. In the same year, the xD sales fell to 9500 from 36000. More than one million Scion models have been sold, and more than 70 percent was sold to customers were new to Toyota, and just about 50 percent of the units were sold to customers under 35 years of age. The average age for tC buyers was 29, which is the lowest ever recorded in the industry. Favorite models: ? Scion iM Concept- when the iM concept was released, many people were shocked, but its style and design gave it character. ? Scion iA- the Scion iA debuted the market last year. The sedan serves as the entry-level model for the brand. ? Scion FR-S- if you take a keen look at the Scion’s models for its entire existence, you will realize that FR-S is the only version that stands out.Scion cars are small units that are designed for metro driving and also places where car lane plays a significant role in usefulness as well as maneuverability. For the latest models, they will be sold throughout America, Puerto Rico, and Canada. The new Scion FR-S is expected to do much better on the market compared to its predecessors. The model is based off the FT-86 by Toyota, which is also benefiting from manufacturing with Subaru. Have you been trying to sell your old Scion without any success? We Cash Any Car has the perfect solution for you. We buy all types of second hand vehicles regardless of their make, features and condition. You just need to book an appointment with our team so that we can inspect your car and make you the best market price. Call us on 043382337 and let us give you cash for your car.

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