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In 2010, Ram Trucks were created as a division of Chrysler, under the Dodge brand which is now marketed under the Ram banner. Chrysler stated that the Ram trucks brand will focus on real truck instead of casual truck buyers who purchase tracks for style and image. The Ram brand was founded as soon as Chrysler was acquired by the Italian car manufacturer Fiat S.p.A. This forced the Dodge to switch to a car-based lineup with the trucks and pickups by Chrysler being marketed under the Ram brand. The project was to set off in 2009 and the Fiat Ducato is one design that was marketed and sold as the Ram ProMaster in the United States markets. The model bridged the gap created when Daimler stopped its production in 2008. The main aim was to double the truck sales from 280,000 to 400000 by 2014. The company makes the full range of Ram truck series and also the DX Chassis cab as well as ProMaster models. Ram has won various awards and has been termed as the best truck facility of the Chrysler Groups in terms of build quality. In 2016, the company enjoyed a small market share for both June and first half of the year shifting from 12 percent to 13.4 percent. The company comes behind industry giants such as Ford (15.6), General Motors (16.7%), and Toyota (13.9%) in the United State sales, but the number is still increasing while that of Toyota has been declining. When the Daimler brand was closed down, it looked as if Nissan would displace Chrysler. However, Nissan has only 9.3 percent market share and has been relying heavily on rental fleets. However, Nissan managed to overcome its competitor Honda in 2017. Honda boasts of only 9.2 percent this year. Popular models of the Ram include:- ? The Ram 2500/3500- 5.7 L , 345 cu in) Hemi V8, 345 hp (257 kW), 375 lb·ft – 508) ? The Ram SRT-10- 8.3 L , 505 cu in) Viper V10, 510 hp (380 kW), 535 lb·ft - (725 N·m) ? The Ram Chassis Cab- 5.7 L , 345 cu in) Hemi V8 (3500 Only), 345 hp (257 kW), 375 lb·ft- (508 N·m) Once a declining automobile giant that did not have any technology and features to compete with industry giants, the Ram brand’s collaboration with Fiat Chrysler automobile company is making a run at competitors General Motors and Ford. In the period between 2010 and 2016, the Ram brand swiftly snatched 6 points of share in the pickup truck market, compromising Ford’s dominance in the market. It also took slices from General Motors, Toyota and Nissan. At the moment, Ram boasts of 21 percent of full-size truck business. Ram has managed to scoop a special space in the truck segment by deviating from the standards of what a pickup should offer, and this seems to be sitting well with customers all over the world. Have you been looking to trade in your Ram truck in the UAE, then We Cash Any Car is your best bet for a good price and excellent services. We promise to give you the best car sale experience of your life and a value closest to the market price. Simply call us on 043382337 and get an appointment for a free, non-obligatory car inspection and instant cash offer.

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