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The Pontiac car motor company got its name from the town of Pontiac, Michigan. It was founded by Edward M. Murphy in 1893 and named the Pontiac Buggy Company. During its formative years, the company used to make horse-drawn carriages. In 1907, Murphy discovered the future of his business was in manufacturing cars, and so he converted the name of his company to Oakland Motor Car Company. General Motors bought the company in 1909 after the sudden death of its founder. The Five Passenger Coach was the first Pontiac vehicle released to the public in 1926. The vehicle was extremely powerful and yet cheaper than most models at that time. The model record high success, selling record numbers for a number of years. In 1929, the Pontiac Big Six was released. It was given the name because of the increase in horsepower and displacement. At first, GM marketed the Pontiac vehicles as low-price models, but later the company discontinued the image to reliable models. General Motors is known all over the world for making high quality products and the Pontiac models were not an exception. Despite being marketed as low-priced versions, General Motors did not produce the Pontiac cars for a long time and soon their production ceased. Popular Pontiac models include:- ? Pontiac GTO- this model was made between 1964 and 1974 by the Pontiac division of GM. Holden, another division of GM made the model from 2004 to 2006, in Australia. ? Pontiac Vibe- this version is a small hatchback car which was marketed as Pontiac Marque between 2002 and 2010. It was a product of Toyota/GM joint- venture, which also made the Toyota Matrix. ? Pontiac G8- the G8 is a rear-wheel powered sedan that was produced in Australia by Holden, a subdivision of General Motors. The model was also a rebadge of the Commodore. It was released in 2008 in the United States. The 2009 Canadian model was released 2008. ? Pontiac Grand Prix- the Grand Prix is a luxury automobile. It was manufactured by the Pontiac division of GM between 1962 and 2008. When most American automobile companies decided that it was necessary to minimize compression ratios, to ensure that their vehicles achieve the strict emission requirements and get rid of unleaded fuels, Pontiac did not do well on the market, and so it struggled more than other models. It is extremely difficult to convince customers that your automobile is the best and features great quality amidst stiff competition in terms of technological and environmental improvements from other market rivals. This posed a great challenge for the car brand and the 1980s would turn out to be the most difficult period for General Motor’s division that resulted in poor performance of the Pontiac. The local demand for the Pontiac cars was a disaster. This drove the sales margin down the drain. The international market for the Pontiac cars quickly diminished, and so the brand did not do match in terms of sales and coverage. The production of the units was stopped and the brand joined the list of car companies that never made it to the top. In the UAE new Pontiac models can be found at Al Ghandhi Auto Traders Ltd. while the old classic versions can be gotten from various secondhand dealers across the country. If you are looking to sell your used Pontiac in the UAE, We Cash Any Car can simplify your car transaction process and offer you a value closest to the market price. You only need to call us on 043382337 and book an appointment with us so that our engineers can inspect your Pontiac free of charge and make you a cash offer. You are not obliged to sell your vehicle to us after the free inspection. Nonetheless, if you accept our offer, we will handle the entire RTA procedure on your behalf without requiring your physical presence. Simply call We Cash Any Car on 043382337 and let us purchase your car in a hassle-free transaction.

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