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The Plymouth was originally produced by Maxwell-Chalmers car producers and was actually named Maxwell after the owner of the company. When Chrysler Corporation acquired the Maxwell-Chalmers chain it rebranded the Plymouth with the intention of creating a low cost car that would compete with other cheaper cars such as the Ford and Chevrolet which dominated the market. Plymouth differentiated itself by including internal expanding hydraulic brakes and used this feature to price its model a little bit higher. This plan succeeded throughout the nineties as the sales of Plymouths shot up and the vehicle dominated the market. During the Great Depression of 1929 the Plymouth helped Chrysler Corporation to survive amidst the closure of so many automotive manufacturers. By 1931 the Plymouth was the third bestselling car in the US and its subsequent productions were so popular that they almost surpassed Ford as the second bestselling cars. Nonetheless, in a bid to match some of the standard features offered by its competitors, Chrysler began to introduce certain changes to the vehicle and this led to poor performance. As a result, the Plymouth started losing popularity and experienced dwindling sales. Despite the high performance throughout the 1990s, the brand was withdrawn from the market in 2001 resulting in the rebranding of all existent Plymouth vehicles as Chrysler and discontinuation of further production. Amongst the top models that Plymouth produced include:- a) 1928 Plymouth Model Q Coupé b) 1948 Plymouth Special De Luxe Coupé c) 1959 Plymouth Belvedere d) 1963 Plymouth Barracuda In the UAE, you can purchase Plymouth vehicles from dealers in different emirates. However, if you want to sell a used Plymouth you should definitely come to We Cash Any Car and we will buy your car in a transaction that is hassle free, safe and convenient for you. Our process is pretty simple and you just need to call us on 043382337 and book an appointment. Our engineers will inspect your car free of charge and give you an instant cash offer. If you accept this offer, we will handle the RTA transfer process and documentation while you relax. We are conveniently located near the RTA office in Al Barsha and our offices are open from Saturday to Thursday from 8am-10pm. Visit us today to enjoy the highest rated car sale service in the UAE.

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