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Just as the name suggests, Oldsmobile is one of the oldest car brands in the United States. Ransom E Olds founded the company in 1897. Unfortunately, today the motor company is non-existent as it was discontinued in 2004 by General Motors. Initially, it was named the Olds Motor Company. In 1901, the first line of business was set up the company consisted of 75 employees who were tasked with building horseless carriages. The first model, the Curved Dash, attracted massive media attention and this boosted its sales. As of 1903, the company had established a new plant in Michigan, increasing its production from 425 units to 4000 by the end of the year. At that time, the Oldsmobile wasn’t a formal name, but the manufacturer called the cars “Olds automobiles,” and later people gave them the name Oldsmobile. In 1910, a new model was released- the Limited Touring. It was a luxury car with a hefty price tag that equaled the value of a house back then. The company managed to sell a several hundred models, thanks to media exposure. Oldsmobile was being said to be high in quality and low in cost. This was because of unequaled construction simplicity, manufacturing facilities, and interchangeability. In 1900, Olds mobile sold 425 units, and the figure rose gradually to 4000 by 1903. However, over the coming years, the company saw a decline in sales and eventually production ceased. Notable Oldsmobile models include:- ? Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme This model was produced between 1966 and 1997. It was more of a luxury car with excellent performance. The models look exactly as the Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Pontiac Grand Prix, and Buick Regal. ? Oldsmobile 98 This version was released from 1941 to 1996. It was available in sedan and full-sized coupe but were reduced in size from 1977 to 1985, after which it became a front-wheel drive car. ? Oldsmobile Toronado The Toronado was released between 1966 and 1992. The luxury car was later downsized in 1986. In 1966, it won an award for being the best Motor Trend Car of the Year. ? Oldsmobile Omega Omega rose to fame in 1973 until 1984. The car borrowed much of its design and looked from the Chevrolet Nova and the Chevrolet Citation. Market Presence In Canada, the Oldsmobile models were limited, with only the Bravada and Silhouette being absent to the Canadian market until sometime later in their existence. The Cutlass (1997-1999) was neither sold in Canada. The same case applied for the Bravada which was not available in the Canadian market until its 3 rd generation from 2002. The old models sold there were only gray import units. In Mexico, the Oldsmobile models were sold in the name of the Chevrolet brand. In Europe, the Oldsmobile Alero was also marketed as Chevrolet. However, it remained with the old logo of Oldsmobile. The Chevrolet name was only used because many buyers were not familiar with Oldsmobile in Europe. However, the models managed to penetrate South America, Europe, and Russia. In the UAE, you can find classic Oldsmobile brands amongst the secondhand vehicle dealers. However, when you want to sell your used Oldsmobile for the best market price, We Cash Any Car is your best alternative. We are a reputable auto trader that specializes in providing superior car sale services. Once you book an appointment with us we will offer you free inspection and give you a good price for your car. If this is agreeable with you, we will handle the RTA transfer process while you relax in our offices. What we have done is to simplify the process of selling a car and make everything convenient for our clients. You can sell off your Oldsmobile easily and conveniently by calling us today on 043382337.

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