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Jeep is an American brand that was founded in 1941 and is currently headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, USA. Jeep’s product range focuses primarily upon SUV’s and Off Road Vehicles. In the past Jeep has manufactured Pick Up trucks, however this was discontinued. The Jeep platform was that successful they have been built under license by numerous manufacturers around the world including EBRO in Spain and Mahindra in India. The Jeep marketing team have always stressed vehicles like the Wrangler’s off road capabilities. In the current market, the Wrangler is one of the last 4×4 vehicles with solid front and rear axles which are known for their Strength and Durability. Within the UAE the agency is managed by Trading Enterprises in Dubai (800 4119) or alternatively Western Motors in Abu Dhabi (800 5337). We buy all Jeep’s including but not limited to… Jeep Compass, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee Sport and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. are the number one buyers of used Jeep’s in Dubai. We buy any model of Jeep regardless of model or mileage, so when it comes to sell you’re Jeep, then bring it down, as we specialise in buying all Jeeps. We will provide you with a free inspection for your Jeep and once we have agreed an immediate cash payment will be made for your Jeep. We love buying used Jeeps and give you cash for the sale of your Jeep. We have no issues if you want to sell your Scrap Jeep or even sell your damaged Jeep if it’s beyond repair. Call us now on 04 338 2337 to sell your Jeep in Dubai. We will ensure the exchange is hassle free and completed in a fast and time efficient manner.

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