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Isuzu is a renowned Japanese truck manufacturer that has been in existence for almost a century. The company shares the same inception story as KIA and Hyundai in that it entered the car industry due to company growth and viable factors for expansion.
Before its inception, there was the Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding firm with a plan to expand the business further.
After the company had partnered with Tokio Gas & Electric Industrial Company, the merger firm produced its first truck ever in 1918. Soon after building its first vehicle, the company got a license to make British- based Wolseley vehicles, establishing a foundation of what would become an intense collaboration with foreign firms.
The product development philosophy of the company is gaining consumer trust. To ensure quality is adhered to during manufacturing, the company set quality gates at various phases of product development, where maturity and quality of products are checked before proceeding to the next stage,
During the manufacturing process, Isuzu deals with failures and prevent their failure recurrence. Also, the company utilizes other techniques to enhance durability and reliability.
Models and Sales
The best performing Isuzu Models include:- ?
Geo Storm- this sports car has sold a lot especially in the US and is one of the GM’s lines of affordable vehicles.
Isuzu Giga- this variant is made of full-sized trucks which were initially known as The Isuzu Heavy-Duty Truck.
Isuzu Trooper- this is a mid-size SUV that was introduced to the market between 1981 and 2005. Internationally, it was exported as Isuzu Trooper, Isuzu Bighorn, and Isuzu Trooper II.
Isuzu D-Max – this is a pickup truck. The vehicle shares the same platform as the US Chevrolet Colorado.
Isuzu has seen an increase in sales by 16.4 percent, with reported sales hitting 1021 units in Dec, 2016. In December 2015, the company sold only 877. Between April and December, the company sold 10,943 units. In 2017, the sales figure are projected to increase further.
Market Presence
In continents such as Africa and Asia, Isuzu is famously known for having trucks of various sizes. Earlier, Isuzu focused on producing passenger cars, but demand for trucks prompted the company to divert its attention to the production of trucks.
In 1983, 63.4 percent of the cars built by Isuzu were diesel-powered. In 2009, Isuzu left the US market because of decline in sales. Isuzu has always been focusing on small to medium vehicles as well as commercial trucks of both medium and heavy duty sizes.
However, markets around the world indicate different needs.
Isuzu Motors America stopped the sale of passenger cars in the US from January 2009.
The reason for this was because the company could not be able to secure replacements for Isuzu I-series and Isuzu Ascender that would be viable.
In 2007, the company sold 7,098. But the gesture did not affect the company’s
performance in other parts of the world. The company has been able to penetrate deeper markets in Africa and Asia.
The Middle East has not been left behind either and Isuzu has established itself in various GCC countries. In the UAE, the General Navigation and Commerce Company (GENAVCO) is the distribution dealership for all Isuzu brands. Secondhand cars from this famous brand are also available in various used car dealerships.
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