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Hummer is an american brand of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV’s) that were owned by General Motors (GM). They were founded in 1992 and were discontinued in 2010. The Hummer headquarters were based in Detroit, Michigan, USA. The Original Hummer known as the H1 was the civilian version of the military vehicle M998 Humvee. One of the first owners was the Terminator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger. Two further Hummers were commissioned the H2 and H3 but they did not prove to be a commercial success. Within the UAE the agency was managed by Liberty, however this is no longer the case as Hummer is now defunct. have a team that appreciate the unique nature of these vehicles. They are a highly niche market which unfortunately means conventional buyers will struggle to price these machines. Our trusted and knowledgeable network has the means to give you a fair value for your car and ensure the process of selling your Hummer in Dubai is hassle free. Call us now on 04 338 2337 to sell your H1, H2 or H3 in Dubai right now. Visit Dubai’s number one used Hummer buyer if you are selling your Hummer. Many people have sold their Hummer’s to us and got instant cash for your Hummer. We specialise in buying all Hummer’s and guarantee to buy any used Hummer. We are waiting to buy your Hummer. We buy all used Hummer’s regardless of model or mileage and waiting to give you instant cash for the sale of Hummer. We have no issues if you want to sell your Scrap Hummer or even sell your damaged Hummer’s if they are beyond repair. Call us now on 04 338 2337 to sell your Hummer in Dubai right now. The process is fast, simple and you can walk away in as little as 30 mins with a fair price for your car.

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