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Geo was an automobile company that manufactured compact cars. General Motors produced the cars but under the Chevrolet line between 1989 and 1997. General Motors formed the company to cover the local market in the mid-80s. After the release of the 1997 model, the preceding models were given Chevrolet names. The decline in sales in the 1990s led to the discontinuation of the Tracker in 2004. This was the last unit of the Geo line. General Motors manufactured Geo models, which meant high-quality productions. The company collaborated with three Japanese car manufacturers to make production of the Geo models possible. The GM-Toyota team produced the Prizm, while the Tracker and Metro were produced by both Suzuki and General Motors. The quality of the Geo models was excellent. Unfortunately, due to limited production as well as very low demand, the Geo models did not make any impressive sales for the General Motors Group. Geo Models Amongst the main models of the Geo brand produced included:- ? The Geo Metro- this compact vehicle was produced between 1989 and 2001. The initial models came in three and five-door variants, and later a 4-door sedan was released in Canada. In 1990, a convertible was available but discontinued three years later. ? The Prizm- it is a small four-door sedan machine that succeeded the Chevrolet Nova. It also came with the five-door hatchback variant in 1991. The Prizm received positive reviews and awards but was outdone by Toyota Corolla. ? The Spectrum- this one was sold as a standard Chevrolet variant between 1985 and 1988. When Geo was established in 1989, the model’s name was changed to Geo. It was sold in 1989, and other models replaced it. ? The Storm- this model had a sporty look and was the strongest of the Geo models. It was available in three-door hatchback and two-door fastback variant. It replaced the Spectrum in 1990. ? The Geo Tracker SUV- this model was released in 1989 as a cheaper alternative car to Jeep. Initially, it was available as a two-door car in either a fixed hard top or convertible model in Lsi versions or base. Market presence The increase in demand for imported car brands in the 80s saw Detroit car manufacturing companies introduce their own import-style sales departments. In 1989, GM created the Geo division which quickly became successful until its production was stoped in 1998. Furthermore, Geo rebadged some General Motors vehicles designed for world markets. The most remarkable success was the Geo Prizm, an alternative to Toyota Corolla which was by then under assembly by the GM and Toyota plant in California. However, the Geo lines did not enjoy enough market presence and had little market share for various reasons. First, production came to an abrupt end because the division wasn’t able to come up with a stronger identity than other brands. Secondly, General Motors discovered that the Geo line was only funneling the brand’s loyal customers into import brands of other car manufacturers. These factors forced General Motors to disband the Geo Division and thus the end of Geo lines. In the UAE, new Geo automobiles are distributed by Al Ghandi Auto Traders. There are also used Geo vehicle available through secondhand car dealers. When it comes to selling your Geo in the UAE, We Cash Any Car should be your first stop. We are a licensed auto trading company with an excellent reputation for purchasing all types of cars. Regardless of the age and condition of your Geo, we guarantee that we can offer you a good price for your vehicle and speed up the vehicle transfer process for you. You simply need to call us on 043382337 and let our experts inspect your vehicle free of charge. They will then make you an unbeatable offer for your Geo and handle all the RTA transfer documentations for you. For excellent customer service and a smooth car sale in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, visit We Cash Any Car today.

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