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Why Choose WeCashAnyCar?

Have you heard of the adage "If its not broken, don't fix it". Well looked at the process of selling your car in Dubai and realised an approach was needed that was more customer focused and ensured the customer got a price as close to the market value as possible in a friendly, safe and hassle free environment. We Cash Any Car was born !!! In 3 (three) simple steps one can sell your car in Dubai without breaking sweat! The business model is wholly dependent upon the customer's experience with ourselves. The Vehicle engineers are always on hand to impart with any advice that could assist you in relation to the sale of your car in Dubai. Give a chance today. The UAE's favourite car buying service.

About Us

We Cash Any Car came into existence due to an experience of one of the partners. He had a passion for cars and decided to use a car buying service to sell his car in Dubai. What happened next was an experience he would never forget. He was told the car had been in an accident and that there was oil leaks everywhere and that it was unsafe to drive ! The partner was apalled at the manner in which he was blatantly lied to by the representative and decided he had to do something - We Cash Any Car - The only Car Buying service in Dubai ran by people who appreciate and understand cars and their owners.

We Cash Any Car has now been around for 3 years. Even to this day the business is still focused on its customer experiences. So much so that the business model incorporates reviews via Google, Facebook and word of mouth as a means for bringing in new customers.

Fair Price Policy

We Cash Any Car's aim is to ensure we get our customers as close to the market price as possible. Our huge network of local, national and international buyers ensures we can get the maximum price on your behalf. All our deals are immediate. As soon as the vehicle is transferred, you will receive a payment for the full amount. We Cash Any Car works on small margins and high volume. This ensures both our Customer's and Client's are getting Maximum Value for the vehicles.

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